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Coach Annie


All 5 S.H.I.N.E. Categories! Self-Esteem, Health-Conscious,

Intellect-Development, Nutritional-Value, Exercise-Practice


Certified Meditation Coach,  Transcendental Meditation Certification, Mindful Based Stress Reduction Certificate


Research Interests:

Neuroscience, Self-Development, Women’s Issues, Thinking Disorders, Stress Management, Sleep Disorders, Life Coaching


Why I’m A Rare Gem: 

"When I was 37 years old I had a rebirth you may say. Where I realized that this is not my life that I was living but I was living the life society and my parents wanted me to live and since that day I decided to live my life according to my values. Which are authenticity, be true to myself, and of course loving-kindness kindness towards myself and towards others; and that rebirth happened while I was meditating and I’m not an isolated case if it happened to me I can happen to anyone and this is why I really want to share my story so people can understand that they too can do it."