Coach Courtney.png

Coach Courtney


Self-Esteem, Health-Conscious, Intellect-Development


Certified Health Coach, Life Coach Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Healing Arts Practitioner, Spiritual Coach


Research Interests:

Stress Management, Spirituality, Life Coaching, Impulse Control Disorder, Forgiveness, Anxiety, Anger Management


Why I’m A Rare Gem: 

"Well it’s kind of hard to talk about why I’m a rare gem in under a minute. I will tell you that my journey started in 2015 and I have walked this path myself of trying to figure out who I really am and I have developed this unique approach to figuring that out. That’s how I became a self-development coach because I truly enjoy watching that moment that people really click with who they are and what their purpose in this life is and when they get so excited about figuring that out; I just cannot get enough of that! So I bring to the team this unique approach to really loving who you are unapologetically and realizing what your purpose in this life is and that we all have one and we are all unique."