Lynde Moore copy.jpg

Coach Lynde


All 5 S.H.I.N.E. Categories! Self-Esteem, Health-Conscious,

Intellect-Development, Nutritional-Value, Exercise-Practice

Academics: Masters in Positive Psychology and Life Coaching, Bachelors in Biology and a Double Minor in Psychology and Sociology, ACT, CBT, Meditation Coach


Research Interests:

Women’s Issues, Weight Loss Coaching, Stress Management, Self-Esteem, PTSD & Trauma, Personality Disorders, Anger Management


Why I’m A Rare Gem: 

“So there’s actually a couple of traits that I have that I think are what make me rare and are values that I bring to the team. One being that I’m super empathetic like it’s really easy for me to put myself in my clients' shoes I can see how they’re feeling. I can understand why they think the way they think. I’m also very observant which I think is good because I’m very easily able to pick up non-verbal cues. Also, I’ve been told this all my life but people tend to love how bubbly I am. They love how even when things in life are just really not going the way that I’d like them to; I’m still able to see the positive side of things. I can find the good in people. I can find the good in situations. I’m not someone who is normally sad a lot or gets angry easily.”