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Coach Nicole


All 5 S.H.I.N.E. Categories! Self-Esteem, Health-Conscious,

Intellect-Development, Nutritional-Value, Exercise-Practice


BA Mass Communications / TV Production, Certified Personal Trainer, Feng Shui Designer, Holistic Healer, Meditation and Movement Coach


Research Interests:

Women’s Issues, Weight Loss Coaching, Stress Management, Self-Esteem, Obesity Coaching, Life Coaching, Child Coaching


Why I’m A Rare Gem: 

"I love the term rare gem because it reminds me of the beauty of individualism. We all bring something unique to the table and I’m a big believer in owning yourself; enjoying yourself for who you are, and sharing it with others in a positive way. So being a rare gem for me is someone who stands out amongst the crowd because they are so comfortable in their skin, they’re happy in their body, they’re confident, and they want to help others because they’re so happy and satisfied within themselves so may we all be rare gems and may I help teach people how to be rare gems in this world."