Coach Rev. Valerie


Self-Esteem, Health-Conscious, Intellect-Development


Masters of Divinity, Feminist Theology, Public Speaker, Leader, Spiritual Counselor, Meditation Guide


Research Interests:

Women’s Issues, Spirituality, Self-Esteem, PTSD & Trauma, Life Coaching, Gay, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Christian Coaching


Why I’m A Rare Gem: 

“I do believe in fact that I am a rare gem because my life experience has been so varied. I am from the Midwest a blue-collar family. I grew up not having a history of ministers my family but I felt a spiritual call from a very young age and I made the transition from a very conservative religion to a very open progressive theological worldview and through that process, I really struggled with mental health physical health and overall well-being and I have really come into my own and learned how to heal myself and I have totally changed my life through meditation and my spiritual practices and I hope to help people on their journey whether they are people of faith or not.”