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Coach Xoli


All 5 S.H.I.N.E. Categories! Self-Esteem, Health-Conscious,

Intellect-Development, Nutritional-Value, Exercise-Practice

Academics: Meditation Teacher Certificate


Research Interests:

Spirituality, Consciousness, Mental Health, Numerology, Psychology, Self Awareness, Meditation.


Why I’m A Rare Gem: 

"My purpose is to heal, enlighten and awaken the depressed & anxious modern society to reconnect to their true essence, the Soul. Through meditation and coaching, I help people reach a heightened state of self-awareness, that's where they can dig deeper into finding inner joy/peace/happiness/wealth. I consider myself a rare gem because I use psychic abilities and years of experience to help clients reawaken to their spirit and intuition. My work is mainly about transforming individuals to become their highest self spiritually, emotionally, physically, and psychologically. I create a space for my clients to feel loved and seen so that their healing journey can be pleasurable. I always say that I don’t teach consciousness, I teach freedom. My goal is to help humanity break the collective illusion that keeps us bound from experiencing true freedom."